While Andrew Jackson was president, he made as many enemies as friends. Jackson built up the Democratic Party during the 1830s and made it a powerful part of the nation.

Those who disliked Andrew Jackson- who often called him "King Andrew" because he was so assertive as president- formed the Whig Party to oppose him.

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The Start of Public Education

In 1839, the Whigs created the state's first public school system.

The plan called for each county to hold an election to decide if it wanted to tax itself to build common schools that any white child- girl or boy- could attend free. If local taxes were raised, the state would supplement the plan with money from a rejuvenated Literary Fund.

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The Coming of the Railroads

Despite Murphey's efforts, North Carolina had fewer canals than almost any other state.

The state had learned that the terrain was too rough for canals to be built at a reasonable cost.

By the 1830s, however, a new form of transportation had been developed.

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Social Improvements

The spirit of development spread across the state.

]\To care for North Carolina's impaired citizens, the state set up several welfare institutions.