7 facts of Hoover

  1. Herbert Hoover was a Republican.
  2. He was a millionaire.
  3. Hoover was an orphan.
  4. He had 2 children.
  5. Hoover was a succeccful businessman.
  6. Hoover was a workaholic.
  7. Hoover was the 1st president to have a telephone.

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O. Max Gardner became governor in early 1929

after a long career of

public service to the state. Gardner, a college football star in the early

1900s, had been the youngest man ever to be elected lieutenant governor,

the second highest office in the state.

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The Causes of the Great Depression

Most Americans remember that the depression started with the famous

stock market crash of 1929. (A stock market is a place where the stock of corporations is bought and sold.) The market did crash, and stocks lost vaue, ruining many companies and individuals.


The Live at Home Program

The people who suffered first in North Carolina were the sharecroppers

and mill village hands. They had little or nothing to fall back on. By 1931,

matters got worse, and they had little or no work.

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