After 1690, the Lords Proprietors always on the lookout for new sources of quit-rents made special offers on cheap land to refugees from religious wars in Europe.

That year, Govenror John Archdale convinced the General Assembly to divide the Albemarle into two counties, an old English jurisdiction that allowed for local government.

First Towns

So fast did the Pamlico grow that some newcomers ambitiously started Bath, the colony's first town, in 1705.

A 1709 visitor wrote to friends in England that "they have begun to build a town called Bath.

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Cary's Rebellion

This time, the Proprietors turned to religion as a way to organize the colony.
England was organized very successfully into parishes, which meant that everyone who lived in a particular place, like a village or manor, was to be baptized, worship, marry, and be buried in the same church.

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The Tuscarora War

As Cary's Rebellion kept the colony in an uproar, the Tuscarora Indians attempted to destroy the Pamlico settlements.
In 1711, they attacked when the colonists were tired and had their guard down.

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Blackbeard operated out of the island of Jamaica.
He raided ships all over the Caribbean until the English sent their navy to stop the piracy.

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