Why would anyone want to come to the North Carolina backcountry?

After all, North Carolina had a bad reputation in the rest of the colonies because it could not govern itself well.
It was also costly to live here, since shipping was so expensive

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The Home Front

Most settlers quickly worked to improve their places.
The smart ones put up zigzag split rail fences around their grain fields, to keep out hogs,
deer, and any other unwanted varmints.

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Building Communities

All the settlers of the backcountry brought with them their culture.
Almost all valued religious expression, and most neighborhoods soon
started to teach their values.

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Perhaps one of the first sounds a newborn baby heard in Wachovia was a song, for the Moravians were always musical,
and they used song to worship and celebrate their lives
together. Moravians were especially noted for their hymns
and their horns, a distinctive sound found nowhere else in
North Carolina.
Moravians lived

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