Algonquin Tribe

  • The Algonquins are the Indians North Carolinians see when they view the famous watercolor paintings done by John White of the Lost Colony
  • Reported a white visitor in the 1500s, they ate many melons, walnuts, cucumbers, gourdes, pease, and diver roots.

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The Tuscarora

  • The Coastal Plain was dominated in the 1500s by one tribe, the Tuscarora.
  • This group had about fifteen large villages, each with about 300 to 500 people, concentrated near the Neuse and Tar rivers.
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The Catawba

  • More than a dozen different groups lived in the rolling hills of the Piedmont.
  • The Sapona, who had lived in Virginia for a time, spent several decades concentrated on the Yadkin River at one of its Ford.