One day I was sleeping and Jim was next to me. I woke up and looked out the window. I opened the door for the police. They said Jim and I had to be in war or will go to jail. I am now 27 and Jim is 35.

I have me a family. Two kids (RJ and Shawn), all boys and they love me. The slaves we got aren't actually slaves, they are free. I figured since I set Jim free I could set them free to. I know I can be killed by at least I will go to heaven. My mom, the one who adopted me, said slavery is wrong so I am almost there.

When we was walking we heard gunshots and realized we were in the war. The North asked us to fight and if we win we will get a ride to freedom. So we was fighting and we shot the commander and they surrendered. After we won, we went out to eat and we was off to freedom. When we got there we had insurance on all the slaves and now they called me their hero.